Sunday Worship

8:20 AM   Breakfast

 9 AM     First Service

10 AM     Sunday School

11:15 AM    Second Service

(Nursery facilities available through age 4)

118 W Idaho Street, New Plymouth, ID 83655

Phone:(208) 278-3233

Dean Jones

Dean Jones is a Youth Pastor at First Baptist Church. Co-leading with his father, Troy. Dean uses his loud voice, big personality, and sneaking in the occasional Dutch Bro’s trip to build a unique style of youth ministry. His approach allows teenagers the space to encounter Christ and grow spiritually....

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Troy Jones

Troy Jones is a Youth Pastor at First Baptist church. Ministering to teens through many different youth programs spans over 49 years, will full support from his wife, Kay. Troy currently runs Launchpad, a faith-based program through the local High School, mentoring the next generation of disciples and feeding them...

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Joyce Boldt

Joyce Boldt is the Child Evangelist at First Baptist church. With her bubbly personality, she brings years of experience working in children’s ministry and music programs. Joyce actively teaches children the point of music and worshiping God during the Christmas play, Kids Blast, and VBS. When Joyce is not at FBC, you can...

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Cathy Woolery

Cathy is the Minister of Music and Education for First Baptist church. On staff since 1995, Cathy’s expertise in multiple ministries is unmatched.  By focusing on Sunday morning worship and her effort in building creative children’s programs such as Kids Blast and VBS, she has undoubtedly put her degrees and God-given talents to good use....

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Phil Pittman Jr.

Phil Pitman is the Senior Pastor at First Baptist Church with over 24 years as senior pastor and 16 early years as a youth pastor. With unwavering commitment, Phil ministers with a down-to-earth and hands-on approach to ministry, using his God-given gifts to mister within and beyond FBC. When Phil is not at FBC, he is known to...

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