First Baptist Church Staff

Senior Pastor, Phil Pittman

Phil has been the senior pastor for 16 years. Prior to being the senior pastor he did youth ministry. He and his wife, Kay, have 4 adult children and 2 grandchildren. He enjoys spending his free time hunting, fishing, attending sporting events, hiking, reading, and babysitting his granddaughter. 

Minister of Music & Education, Cathy Woolery

Cathy has worked at the church as a staff member since 1995. She was raised on a dairy farm in New Plymouth. She has 1 sister, 2 nieces, and 4 grandchildren. Her husband Michael is an elementary school teacher and horse trainer. 

 Youth Pastor, Wendi Densley 

Wendi has been the youth pastor since 2009. She was born and raised in Emmett, Idaho. She currently lives in Middleton with her husband, Jason, and two boys (Kaden & Nathan). She enjoys skiing, camping, attending youth events, and cooking for 100 teenagers weekly! 

Child Evangelist, Joyce Boldt

Joyce has performed ministry in numerous churches and outreach organizations throughout the Pacific Northwest. She is actively involved in our children's ministries. She was recently married to Charlie Boldt in December. She has 4 adult children and has 7 grandchildren. She enjoys sewing, cooking, singing, crafting, working in the church, and attending grandchildren's activities. 

Volunteer Coordinator, Penny Goss

Penny has been an active member of our church body for a number of years (too many to count). Her husband, Joe, is a piano tuner and worked in music programs within several schools. She has 2 adult children and 4 grandchildren. She adores her cats and enjoys reading, studying, gardening and making people people at the church feel welcome.